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The Library of Congress discoveries

BFI Southbank hosts an important series of screenings in June with the first public showings of the British drama recordings recently brought to light in the Library of Congress archive. These are productions of plays made in the 1950s and 1960s that were sold to National Educational Television in the States but then junked or wiped by the broadcasters here in Britain. Accompanying these first showings is the discussion Opening the Treasure Chest on 6 June (after Colombe, see below), which has television reviewer Chris Dunkley and Mike Mashon from the Library of Congress, with John Wyver in the chair.

Dorothy Tutin, Sean Connery in Colombe, BBC 1960

The screenings are as follows:

6 June, 18.00, Twentieth Century Theatre: Colombe, BBC 1960, director: Naomi Capon, with Francoise Rosay, Dorothy Tutin, Sean Connery.

8 June, 18.00, Theatre 625: The World of George Orwell – 1984, BBC 1965, director: Christopher Morahan, with David Buck, Jane Merrow (incomplete).

13 June, 18.30, Twentieth Century Theatre: The Insect Play, BBC 1960, director: Hal Burton, with John Bennet, Anna Cropper.

20 June, 18.20, Theatre 625: Doctor Knock, BBC 1966, director: Herbert Wise, with Leonard Rossiter, John Le Mesurier.

29 June, 18.20, Play of the Week: The Typewriter, ITV 1962, director Joan Kemp-Welch, with Jeremy Brett, Margaret Johnston.


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