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Our 100th post: the 2011 top 10

Diana Rigg as Clytemnestra in The Serpent Son (Radio Times, 1979)

Diana Rigg as Clytemnestra in The Serpent Son (Radio Times, 1979)

As a way of saying goodbye to the old year, I thought it might be interesting to detail which of our previous ninety-nine posts has attracted the most attention. This can be measured precisely by the number of views for each individual post.  The list that follows features the ten posts that received the most views between 1 June and 31 December this year. Amanda’s revelatory contribution on the Open University’s largely unknown Macbeth from 1977 was by some measure the most popular offering. After that it was Amanda’s excellent series about televised Greek plays that was most appreciated. Do please click through to any that you might have missed. Overall, the Screen Plays site has registered very nearly 10,000 views to date (frustratingly, we came up just twenty short at midnight) – and we look forward to extending our work, and our readership, in 2012. Happy New Year to you all!

• A307 Drama: Macbeth (BBC / Open University, 1977)

• Greek plays: Oedipus the King (BBC / Open University, 1977)

• Greeks on screen

• Greek plays: Lysistrata (BBC, 1964)

• Greek plays: The Serpent Son (BBC, 1979)

• Greek plays: Women of Troy (BBC, 1958)

• Terence Rattigan on television — and DVD

• Play of the weekThe School for Scandal (BBC, 1959)

• Greek plays: Sophocles’ Electra (A-R for ITV, 1962)

• Getting going: research resources and approaches


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