John Osborne

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We are now in the final weeks of Screen Plays as a formal research project, and while we feel that we have achieved much of what we set out to do, inevitably there is still a lot to do. Perhaps you have noticed that our posts here have become rarer than hen’s teeth, and that has a great deal to do with the time that Dr Amanda Wrigley and I have been spending on populating our database. But we thought it might be useful to come back to the blog to provide an update of what we have been doing – and what we still have to complete. Continue reading

From the ’50s: Look Back in Anger (BBC and ITV, 1956)

My Screen Plays reading over the past few weeks has concentrated on theatre and television in the 1950s, and this post is the first of a planned series to explore aspects of the subject in that decade. In this piece I focus on television’s presentation in 1956 of John Osborne’s play Look Back in Anger in the English Stage Company presentation at the Royal Court Theatre. Tony Richardson’s premiere production is widely seen as one of a small handful of defining productions for the post-war British theatre, but the story of television’s role in its success is still realtively unknown. Remarkably, before the end of 1956 the BBC had shown an extract of the production in a live outside broadcast and Granada had mounted a full studio production for the ITV network. Continue reading

Emitron camera at Alexandra Palace