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World Theatre: Strange Interlude (BBC, 1958)

Strange Interlude is being screened as the second in the Classics on TV: Great American Playwrights season at BFI Southbank in January 2015. Read more and book your ticket for the screening at 2.45pm on Sunday 11 January 2015 at BFI Southbank. The World Theatre series of plays that ran on BBC Television in the first three months of 1958 contains what must be the most adventurous – some might say eccentric, or even obscure – choice of theatre plays that the medium has ever embraced. Strange Interlude was the climax to the season, broadcast in two ninety-minute-plus episodes on the consecutive Sunday evenings of 23 and 30 March 1958. Continue reading

Television World Theatre: The Life of Henry the Fifth (BBC, 1957)

I am intrigued that between 1957 and 1965 BBC Television screened twelve productions of Shakespeare’s History plays. In no other nine-year period has there been as many productions of these dramas. There were the major cycles of An Age of Kings (1960) and The Wars of the Roses (1965) and as a kind of curtain-raiser at the end of 1957 the BBC produced what it billed – in accordance with the title in the First Folio – as The Life of Henry the Fifth. (This play is more usually referred to as Henry V, as I shall in what follows.) This studio production by Peter Dews with John Neville as King Henry is the focus of this post. Continue reading

Emitron camera at Alexandra Palace