Henry V
(BBC, 1953)
Television World Theatre: The Life of Henry the Fifth (BBC, 1957)
An Age of Kings: ‘this English blood’
An Age of Kings: ‘die all, die merrily’
An Age of Kings: ‘uneasy lies the head’
An Age of Kings: ‘we happy few’
An Age of Kings: ‘between the red rose and the white’
An Age of Kings: ‘France will be lost ere long’
An Age of Kings: ‘do I see three suns?’
An Age of Kings: ‘bad is the world’

The Spread of the Eagle: Julius Caesar (BBC, 1963)
Julius Caesar (Illuminations/RSC/BBC, 2012)
Julius Caesar (BBC, 1938) … and eight others
Julius Caesar (National Youth Theatre/BBC, 1964)
Julius Caesar (BBC, 1959)
Julius Caesar (BBC Schools, 1960)
Late-Night Line-Up: The Marowitz Hamlet (BBC, 1969)
For Schools: Hamlet (A-R for ITV Schools, 1961)
Hamlet at Elsinore (BBC / Danmarks Radio, 1964), part 1
In the beginning: scenes from Cymbeline (BBC, 1937)
Comparing scenes from Cymbeline (BBC, 1937 and 1956)
More scenes from Cymbeline (BBC, 1956)
Scenes from Macbeth (BBC, 1937)
A307 Drama: Macbeth (BBC / The Open University, 1977)
‘Something wicked…’: Macbeth (BBC, 2010) [film]
Entente cordiale: a French Othello (BBC, 1950)
Othello (BBC, 1955)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (A-R for ITV, 1964)
The Comedy of Errors (Royal Shakespeare Company/ATV, 1978)

In the beginning: Twelfth Night (BBC, 1939)
The Winter’s Tale: The Angry Gods, comprising Iphigenia at Aulis, Oresteia and The Winter’s Tale (A-R for ITV Schools, 1961)
Katharine and Petruchio (BBC, 1939) [draft]
Scenes from Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor (BBC, 1937)

Will before the war
Bookshelf: The Wars of the Roses (1970) by John Barton with Peter Hall


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Emitron camera at Alexandra Palace
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